Wednesday, August 14, 2013

SydneyAzure User group - BizTalk Services Session

Last night I attended SydneyAzure UG. The talk was about BizTalk Services, presented by Mick Badran.

here's a summary...

What are BizTalk Services?

      ·         Windows Azure Cloud-based integration service
o   B2B integration (Partners, agreements, ..)
o   rich message endpoints
     ·         BizTalk Adapter service pack
o   on-premise adapters designed to rapidly connect systems
o   It has management service (REST APIs)

BizTalk Services SDK

   §  VS2012 - Developer Surface
o   Project Type
o   Bridges: It's like a port (in BizTalk land) where it can connect to source and destination and in between a staged pipeline that can decode, enrich, transform, call external assemblies, .. Just like a normal BizTalk Pipline.
o   Connector: an arrow that connects a bridge to source or destination, it can be configured for message inspectors
o   Schemas: You cannot distinguish or promote properties as in BizTalk Server, since there’s no property schemas
o   Maps
§  New map designer
§  they added a new GetBizTalkContextProperty functoid,
§  map-level settings on how to handle mapping errors
·         Fail map
·         output null
o   all artefacts are compiled into a Workflow activity
o   No support for orchestrations yet. Maybe the next release there will be support for Workflow (Windows Workflows)
  §  You don’t have to have BizTalk Server installed on the machine, they’re totally independent.
  §  It’s still V1, so don’t expect unit testing frameworks are there to support your development.
  §  BizTalk Services Adapter Service + IIS Plugin
  §  Developer + Runtime components are supplied

   The conclusion I reached after attending the session is that the product is not yet mature enough to market it to clients, but it’s good as a start for moving BizTalk components to the cloud.

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